As you would expect of an organisation that exists to transform its client's customers experiences; at Copperbeech we are extremely customer focused ourselves... we therefore work however our clients would like us to

This flexible approach is guided by a number of principles that underpin Copperbeech's culture and the experience that we strive to deliver to our clients

These are:


No Nonsense Delivery
We are honest, pragmatic and direct in our approach at all times. Our work should be judged by the results that it generates for our clients

Practitioners at Heart
We have been at the coalface ourselves and understand the challenges. We get our hands dirty and get stuck in alongside our client's teams

Adaptable and Inclusive
We are equally at home facilitating a workshop with a group of contact centre agents as we are presenting to the board. People at all levels of an organisation have fantastic ideas and you usually get one head free with every pair of hands

A Sense of Fun
We try to make our work fun and to retain the ability to have a laugh... even when timescale's are tight and the going is tough

Customer Focus
The client may not always be right; but they are the one who is paying the bill. Their opinion will always be listened to, respected and swiftly acted upon