As process experts who have an absolute passion for customer excellence, we are engaged by an organisation when the problems are all too clear and yet a solution appears unattainable

We work in tandem with our client to develop a deep understanding of desired customer performance versus reality and to rapidly identify the root cause of the issues

We then work at pace to develop and implement transformational, yet practical, improvements that are capable of realising and sustaining significant financial benefits

Copperbeech's methodologies can be applied in many situations. Areas where they have previously added value include:
  • The design, from first principles, of a target customer lifecycle and the detailed processes that will deliver it

  • The design and implementation of customer experience measurement and benchmarking mechanisms

  • The development of strategies to increase conversion rates and cross-sales effectiveness in contact-centre based sales operations

  • The re-design of contact quality measurement tools to support the consistent appraisal and delivery of a desired customer experience

  • To define and ensure a strong link between a brand and the customer communication that supports it
  • To understand the drivers of customer contact in service operations, and remove the need for contact when it adds cost but little value

  • To support an organisation in taking a 'process management' approach to the running of their business

  • The design of self-service customer channels and the managed migration of customers to self-service

  • To lead improvement projects using Six Sigma to focus on specific business issues

  • To assess the suitability of Six Sigma for an organisation and provide hands-on support in the initial stages of a deployment